Murder in Hernando County Florida Through the Ages.

By Linda Welker and Jan Kalnbach

Where ever there is a settlement of people, murder is sure to follow. The first recorded murder in Hernando County happened in 1843. This book contains essays on decades of murders. It is arranged by categories: like Deadly Arguments, Children as Victims, Women Who Kill and others types. The stories came out of headlines from the 1840s to 2018.  In a majority of cases the predator is caught and punished, but some are still unsolved. This is part of the past, most history books neglect.


Linda Welker a has been a volunteer for the Hernando County Museum Association for fourteen years. She is a docent at the Russell Street 1885 Train Depot Museum and an author of seven books. Four of them, non-fiction, written as fund raisers for the Museums.