By Alfred A. McKethan (1908-2002)

Hernando County: Our Story, is based on some facts and some legends. Stories told by one generation to the next. The first chapter starts with the Spanish explorers in the fifteen hundreds. Then moves on to the Seminole Indians War. The complete Armed Occupation of 1842, an important document in Florida History,

is included in the book. There are pictures and biographic information on notable figures in Hernando County history. It contains an extensive listing of public officials starting in 1843. The all-encompassing Index helps a reader find any item in the book. This book is being sold right now at a reduced price of only $9.00 with free shipping.


Alfred McKethan was a lifelong resident of Hernando County. He became a bank president, a citrus grower, and founder of the Brooksville Rock Corporation. He served on several government boards. The park at Pine Island is named after him as well as the college library and sports field. He was known for his generous philanthropy and his knowledge in the history of Hernando County. 1989 at the age of 81 he wrote the book Hernando County: Our Story paid for all the expenses and donated the rights and proceeds to the Brooksville Heritage Museum.