“One Hundred Years or Thereabout”

by Roger R. Landers

This book begins with the Armed Occupation Act of 1842: If a head of household came to central Florida cultivated five areas, build a house and lived on the land for five years they were granted 160 acres. The development of Hernando County started when these settlers migrated here. There are copies of original documents, letters, pictures, maps, and newspaper articles contained within this volume. Each chapter is devoted to a decade from 1840 to 1945. It is the most accurate historical non-fiction book about Hernando County available.

Roger Landers taught American History at a local middle school in Hernando County. He was shocked to discover how little the students knew about their local history. He spent years collecting the materials now contained within this volume. In 2014 with the help of Suzanne Touchton, he complied the book for everyone in the county to learn about their history.