The Hernando Historical Museum Association is dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich history of Hernando County, particularly the charming town of Brooksville. With unwavering commitment, we serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking insights into the area’s past.

From local history enthusiasts to curious researchers, the Association works diligently to answer inquiries and provide access to historical records and artifacts.  Through dedication and vision, we aim to ensure that the stories, traditions, and heritage of this remarkable region are celebrated and cherished for generations to come.

Current Online Resources

Baker.                                            Leslie Lewis

Bartlett Family                            Looper Charles

Brooksville History                    Mauldin Hoyt

Bugs Thompson                         Newspaper

Coogler Family                           Old Tampa

Crum Family                               Railroad Bridges

D.B Mckay                                   Railroad Documents

G Cappleman                              Railroad Sanborn Maps

Hernando History.                    Railroad Station Writings


James H. Sawdust

John Reeves

Kenny Garman

These resources have been provided and organized by John White, Frasier Mountain, and Robert Martinez.

For inquiries regarding Hernando, Brooksville, or artifact history please contact us at or call any museums.