Open On: Friday and Saturday
Hours: Noon to 3:00pm

Brooksville 1885 Train Depot Signage

1885 Brooksville 1885 Train Depot

The Train Depot has been in the same location since it was built in 1885.  As part of the Rails to Trails program, the old railroad track bed is now the Good Neighbor Trail.

The 1885 Train Depot Museum is made up of four parts.

The Office

Brooksville 1886 Train Depot Office

Visitors enter in the office area, the front of the depot. This is where passengers came to buy their tickets, arrange for freight shipment, and sent telegrams. In this area visitors will learn about the history of Florida, Hernando County starting with the Seminole Indians Wars, to early settlements, and the building of the depot.

Freight Room

Brooksville 1885 Train Depot Freight Room

The freight room houses train artifacts and displays depicting historical railroad events.

Two HO model train exhibits delight the kids and adults alike. See original objects used by early settlers as they struggled to survive in the wilderness of  Hernando County.


Brooksville #1 1925 American La France Fire Engine at the 1885 Brooksville Train Depot

On the enclosed dock of the museum, ring the bell, sound the siren, or take your child’s picture sitting in an original 1925 LaFrance Fire Engine; the first fire engine purchased by the city of Brooksville.

Also on the dock are exhibits of farm equipment, industrial tools and more railroad apparatus.

Cook Utility Box Car

Ron Daniel, while a Southwest Florida Water management employee, discovered an abandoned box car Brooksville 1885 Train Depotin a swampy area southeast of Brooksville in Sumter County. It was hauled to the Brooksville Train Depot and restored. The work car was originally owned by Cummer Sons Cypress Lumber Company which cut timber in the area of the “Green Swamp”. The work car’s normal function was to transport workers to the work site but the box car could be used provide space for cooking and eating, sleeping, office work, and machinery operations.

The Train Depot is not just about trains. The depot also houses larger artifacts for the Association, for example a Corn Sheller.  We also have a collection of reference material (books, pictures, maps) that can be used for research.

1885 Brooksville Train Depot Historical Marker